Comparing women from obscure TV ads

Ever since I discovered the existence of Who Is That Hot Ad Girl, I’ve been able to fairly reliably track down most all of the random attractive women I see on television, who are schilling whatever they’re paid to schill in order to make ends meet on their ends. It’s easily one of my favorite sites, and it’s helped give me some idea of what I’ll be writing about today.

90% of the TV ads I see are typically while I’m running on the hamster wheel at the gym, or when I’m watching baseball. Pretty much everything else I watch is usually DVR’d, and I’m skipping through the commercials with relative ease. But in the cases of the gym and live baseball, I do not have that luxury, so I’m occasionally exposed to seeing commercials. But in some cases, like the particular ads I’ll point out, I couldn’t really care less of what is being advertised, because I’m too busy noticing the attractive women they have speaking on behalf of the services being advertised.

Despite the fact that I find all three of these women appealing, I can’t really say the reasons are that similar in each case. I guess what this boils down to do is that it’s a glimpse of what I find appealing to my aesthetics or how my mind kind of processes what I see in girls.

The Girl – I remember the first time I saw this commercial, I was kind of like “whatever, it sounds like another penny auction scam site,” but then when I actually looked at the screen, I was kind of like whoa when I saw the chick. It’s not that she was dressed overtly sexily or anything, but I still found her to be very attractive. The light brown hair, and the large eyes, to the overcompensating annunciation of the teleprompter, it caught my attention.

The funny thing is that the pictures of her that WITHAG dug up that I guess are her modeling/portfolio shots, I don’t find her to be as pretty as she was on the QuiBids commercial. The weird thing is, in what people find attractive, long hair, pretty eye color, something about the posed shots just doesn’t do it for me. And apparently she was a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader; I do not like the Philadelphia Eagles, in fact, I don’t really care about the NFL in general anymore either.

It’s almost like finding out more about girl turned out to be detrimental to the fantasy of the hot girl in the commercial.

The Girl – This is an odd one. More like a case of strange animal magnetism or something. I find this girl appealing, but it’s hard for me to explain. Even though we can’t see each other, it’s like I still have the urge to not stare too much at her on the screen. A large part of these conflicted feelings easily revolves around those silver, shimmery, watery looking eyes that they zoom into so frequently in these ads. I don’t feel like I can stare at her for any prolonged period of time.

I don’t think she would really quantify as “hot,” but there’s a cuteness about her that I find so attractive. She’s likely, or at least looks to be, the oldest amongst these three girls, but at the same time, she gives off the impression that she might be the most down-to-earth, coolest of the girls. Apparently, she’s some theatre actress in Minnesota or something, which would explain the fairly level-headed demeanor, compared to aspiring starlets out in New York or Los Angeles.

But it all starts with the eyes. The rest is kind of gravy.

The Girl – BeeZid was probably the first penny auction site I ever heard of, thanks to the Howard Stern Show. And then I saw the commercial, and my first thought was how funny it was that it pretty much was the exact same formula as the commercial. Except that everything about it was kind of well, younger. The girl is clearly younger, the whole meme-like burst backgrounds reek of youthful branding, and the attempt to make a catchy jingle is aimed at hooking younger people, susceptible to such cheap ploys. But naturally, it starts with the perky young girl to catch the eye of the viewer.

The funny thing is that this is kind of the opposite scenario with the QuiBids girl; whereas I thought the QuiBids girl looked better on camera than in professional stills, I thought that the BeeZid girl looked better in photos than she did in the commercial; the picture of her in the bikini on the beach – $$$. Granted, she looks like she’s like 19 years old or something, so that clearly means she’s batshit insane until she’s like 27, but hey, doesn’t mean I can’t think she’s cute.

Now if I had to be trapped on a desert island with one of these girls? Conventional people would probably take the QuiBids girl, but I never claimed to be very conventional in the first place. I think I give off the impression that I would take the Gazelle chick, but when it comes down to this particular scenario, I think I’d take the BeeZid girl. To be blunt, I simply find her more attractive than the others, and if I’m going to be stuck somewhere, may as well have the most pleasant someone to look at.

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