I think this is currently my favorite song

Two of the Lucky Ones, by The Droge & Summers Blend

Most people know this song, because it was played in Zombieland in the part where Mark Zuckerberg is trying to work up the courage to kiss Emma Stone while slow dancing at Bill Murray’s mansion. It’s a song that relaxes me, and is just really easy to listen to. I can listen to it at pretty much any mood, and it helps cheer me up, reel me back, or just feel mellow and imagine myself outside in nature with a cold drink nearby.

My listening habits are pretty temperamental and change at the drop of a hat depending on how I’m feeling, but this is a song that I can’t really say that I’ve ever skipped whenever it’s popped up on my iTunes. Without certainty, that means it’s one of my favorite songs, and currently the one at the very top.

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