Marching through Triple-A Baseball: Buffalo

The first stop on a multi-day minor league baseball trip was Buffalo, New York.  Buffalo’s actually a city that I’d been to a few times in my past, as I used to have family out there, as well as used it as a cheap hub in order to get to and from Toronto.

But anyway, as terms of a place to watch baseball, Buffalo kind of misses the point.  Either they were trying to prove to Major League Baseball that the state of New York actually needs more baseball teams, or they simply don’t really get that minor league baseball is kind of supposed to be small potatoes, in order for the players to grow and develop, but then again the way Triple-A baseball is nowadays, that’s kind of out the window now that I think about it.

As far as the objective to visit new places and minor league parks goes, it was a necessary evil to visit Buffalo’s Coca-Cola Field, even if it, and the rest of the city is kind of unimpressive as a whole.  Needless to say, we didn’t stick around long after the game, save for a stop at the Anchor Bar, the supposed birth place of the buffalo wings, and were fairly satisfied with their claims.


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