Dragon*Con 2013 Pictures: Friday

Moving onto Friday, the first official day of the convention; this is probably the largest of all my galleries, because I was pretty much doing nothing at all other than walking around and taking pictures.  Pssh, convention programming?  Please, I like dropping $1,200 on hotels, admission and parking just to do absolutely nothing but walk around and take pictures in a city I live in.

But really, sometimes I wonder if I’m a little bit crazy for doing it like that.  Seeing folks I don’t see on a regular basis, and the fact that D*C brings out the best in interesting costumes is about good enough for me.  I enjoy taking pictures, and then drinking with friends at night (or taking them to hospitals).

Also, Iron Fist is really lame.  Like seriously, he’s got to be the Ford Escort or the Chevy Cavalier of the entire Marvel Universe.  Why anyone would willingly decide to dress up as Iron Fist is completely beyond me.  I’d say it’s up for debate, but this is one of those facts that if you disagree with me, you’re automatically wrong.

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