Photos: Experimenting at the Ballpark

Lately, I’ve felt like taking pictures.  With the baseball regular season coming to a close, I figured that there couldn’t be any better time to play around and experiment with my camera than by taking it to the ballpark.

Honestly, I hardly cared about the game at all, since I was more or less there to sate some reminiscing urge to see the ballpark off one more time prior to the start of the post-season, which I’ll in all likely avoid attending (due to egregious gauging), to get a bobblehead from an acquaintance, and, to take pictures.

Gallery contains outdoor-scenic shots, Atlanta’s skyline from the southern view that is rarely seen because 90% of Atlanta skyline pictures are taken from the north facing south, or while in Piedmont Park, or from the Highlands.  Also a few game-shots, and a whole bunch of selfies of me looking nostalgic and evocative, while watching baseball.  And because I like taking pictures of myself when it’s really empty at the ballpark.

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