Thoughts on MegaCon

Preview image: I think this Kayle costumer is beautiful.

No, this isn’t the post with all the pictures; I’m still working on them. I took over 200 pictures in the one day that I went to MegaCon, so it’s taking me a little bit of time to review and process them. I’ll admit that it’s times like this that I miss when the editing process was sizing down a bunch of jpegs that took substantially less time, but at the same time, even though I’m a noob amateur with a camera, the quality of pictures that I’m taking now are substantially superior. I’ll take that trade off, even if it leads to being more time consuming.

Anyway, I’ve got a little bit of time to write, so I felt like jotting down some words about the MegaCon experience, in general, before they vanish from mind, and I’ll feel dumb if I blab on about it way later.

I made this observation in my Facebook page, but basically, MegaCon is San Diego Comic-Con in Orlando, and with about 100,000 fewer attendees. Now MegaCon doesn’t infiltrate the entire surrounding area like SDCC does, but from a premises standpoint, it’s just about the same. The Orange County Convention Center is built very similarly to San Diego’s, and could very well hold as many people, possibly. I don’t know specifically, because I didn’t feel like waiting in a monumental line and purchase admission; apparently it was quite alright for me to hang out on the main floor without it, which was quite fortuitous for the fact that picture taking was all I was really there to do.

Back to the point, it’s similar also in the fact that the surrounding area is very picturesque, and in March, Florida is still tolerable in temperature, so wandering outdoors wasn’t that much of a nuisance. There were times when I’d be outside, thinking that mid-80’s in March in Florida was absurd, and that I didn’t know how Floridians did it, but I’d quickly realize that it was still kind of perfect weather.

The attendance numbers were refreshing to me though. I know I heard lots of long-time repeat goers whining about the increase of attendees, how crowded it was, and so forth, but all I could think about was how much more comfortable and spacious it felt compared to SDCC. Granted, if they are supposedly growing, it’s only a matter of time when they turn into massive conglomerations of humanity like a SDCC or Dragon*con, but from what I experienced, I actually wouldn’t mind making another trip to it in the future.

So yeah, MegaCon was a decent experience. I enjoyed taking plenty of pictures, and I’m enjoying seeing the results of my picture taking so far. There was a moment during the day where I was reminded of an episode of King of the Hill, where Hank went to Japan, and met his long-lost half-Japanese brother. I don’t remember who they were looking for, but instead of frantically asking strangers for information, Junichiro would calmly exchange business cards with all the Japanese people in the area. That’s kind of what if felt like with all sorts of people handing me business cards and flyers for themselves. Granted, I hand them out too, but that’s because I’m explicitly offering them the capability to see the pictures I took, usually of them. But either way, I more or less just wanted to make the KoH analogy.

At the very latest, I think I’ll have my pictures all up by Monday. So hang tight, compadres, they’re on their way, and I hope everyone will be as pleased with them as I am while reviewing them.

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