Photos: A Day at MegaCon 2014

At long last, the MegaCon pictures have been finished.  I’d say it took longer than I had expected, but considering the seemingly endless quest to try to find a happy medium in which I like to display pictures I take, I guess it’s no surprise that it took a full week after all.

In a single day, I managed to take well over 200 pictures, and because I have little idea what I’m doing with a camera, turns out that quite a few were unusable and blown out, because I foolishly keep shooting into the sun, and combined with my determination to competently shoot in full manual mode, mistakes occur.  Regardless, when the smoke cleared, I still had right about 200 photos to share with the world.

Anyway, before I get to the pictures, a few notable mentions:

Regardless, if I took your picture, it means I liked your costume.  I like to tell myself that I’m really picky and discriminative to what I like to take pictures of.  I’m either wowed by craftsmanship, appearance, attractiveness, nostalgia, fandom or several of the above.  Such is fairly explanatory to why there’s so much League of Legends costumes, but hey, I’m a regular LoL player myself.

I know there’s nothing I can really do about it if you choose not to (except maybe shop some genitalia on your pictures), but I would kindly ask:

  1. no direct linking to my pictures
  2. if you use any of my pictures please don’t crop off my credit
  3. if you use any of my pictures on Facebook, to tag me, for I like to see when people share my stuff

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