Still seeking my unicorn

Although I never tire of seeing Jinx costumers, I’m still awaiting the day I come across an outstanding Mafia Jinx.  Or as I like to call her, Flapper Jinx, as indicative of the flapper style dress she wears.  Jinx is undoubtedly my favorite League of Legends champion, but I pretty much only play as her in the Mafia skin.

An awesome Mafia Jinx costume, is my unicorn.

I’m a fan of 20’s fashion in general, from zoot suits, wingtip shoes and of course flapper dresses, so when Jinx was released and had an alternate skin in a flapper dress, it was a no-brainer pickup, and I’m fairly certain I’ve never actually played as Jinx in her default skin under my main account.

With the pressures of Dragon*Con now a thing in the past, and my general interest in creating things, admittedly one of the things that I’m very interested in creating is basically a Mafia Jinx arsenal, from the guitar-case Pow-Pow, to the Fishbones that no longer really looks like fish in its mafia iteration.

And although I don’t consider myself a very good photographer, it’s still one of my aspirations to have an outstanding Mafia Jinx costumer, and to take her on a photo shoot at a setting appropriate for the outfit, like a speakeasy or a place with heavy art deco influence.  I’m fairly certain that even I could derive one or two truly quality shots if I were to take a couple hundred pictures.

One of the disappointing aspects about this past Dragon*Con was that I was hoping that someone(s) would finally bust out a Mafia Jinx skin, but alas, there weren’t.  At least, I didn’t see any.  I know that people out there have done the costume, and very well, but they seem to all be in South America.  I’d like to see one in person one of these days.

Alas, sad, is this panda, and the search for my unicorn continues yet.

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