It’s good to know who to blame when these are all over MARTA

Introducing JAMBANZ.  50% slap bracelet, 50% Bluetooth speaker.  100% bullshit.  Made in Atlanta.

Dad here kind of misses the point of earbuds and headphones.  They exist so that people can privately listen to their music without disturbing other people.  And under the guise of safety and awareness, he basically creates something completely counterproductive to the idea of private audio enjoyment.

All the time, we hear about how bicycles are vehicles too, and they have the same rights to the road as people in cars do.  Well for people in cars, it’s technically illegal to have earbuds on while driving, so why shouldn’t the same apply to those riding bicycles, regardless of their age?  If Dad doesn’t want his daughter or her friend getting run over, perhaps they shouldn’t be wearing earbuds while riding their bicycles in the first place.

As for the Jambanz themselves, this is an invention just begging to fall into the wrong hands.  Namely, anyone who has ever ridden public transportation, or has simply been anywhere within the city limits, where large numbers of people tend to conglomerate.  It’s bad enough we have people who don’t actually wear their earbuds or headphones, and have them alternatively draped on their person, but naturally still have their music blasting, so that the whole world can hear their snake-charmer beats.

Just imagine how much worse it’s going to be when they’re given an option where there are no cumbersome wires to tangle up in, and they can sync their Jambanz with their wireless devices, to pump out their crappy music while being more comfortable in the first place.  And then when one Jambanz user’s crappy music intertwines with another Jambanz user’s crappy music, it’s either going to be Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony, or more likely than not, it’s going to be a World Star Hip Hop fight video break out.

The bottom line is that Jambanz, although not the worst idea in the world, is basically inviting people to be more publicly inconsiderate of others, by being a device that forces the user’s music onto all audibly surrounding people.  And that’s not cool at all.  If Dad’s so concerned about his children’s safety, perhaps he and they need to be better educated on preventative matters, as opposed to “inventing” something that’s just begging to be obnoxious to a larger majority of the world’s populous.

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