Master of None, except television

Recently, I just finished watching Master of None, the Aziz Ansari co-created show, exclusively available on Netflix.

It’s not that I don’t have a hundred thoughts about the show, and am not capable of vomiting out a thousand words about the show, but honestly, I don’t want to spoil anything, and I highly recommend the show and think that everyone with a Netflix account should go watch it.  And to those who don’t have a Netflix account, should sign up for one, and then watch Master of None.

It’s a fantastic show, and probably the best thing I’ve watched in all of 2015.  Granted, I know such an assessment doesn’t hold that much weight, considering my television habits are like TLC shows like My 600 Lb. Life, 90 Day Fiance, Extreme Cheapskates, and survival shows like Naked & Afraid and Dual Survival.  But I do watch stuff that everyone else likes too, like The Walking Dead!

But really, Master of None is really one of the better things I’ve seen in a very long time.  Cleverly written, with superb acting in my humble opinion, and sneaky good filmography and music selection.  And to those snarks who were like me and a little bit skeptical about Aziz Ansari’s over-the-top, every other word has a drawn out last syllable speech delivery that he often does in his stand-up and most characters he portrays in movies and Parks and Recreation, his character, Dev, reels back the Aziz a good bit, and delivers a quirky, funny, yet methodical character with a good bit of depth.  Dare I say it, it’s like seeing the first time seeing Aziz Ansari actually act beyond his usual schtick.

In fact, all of the characters are pretty awesome.  The dynamic between Dev and Rachel is one that I think hits home very well with a lot of couples around theirs and my age range, and is almost painfully realistic.

Anyway, before I get to the point where I start insinuating words that might come off as spoiler-y, I just want to say that Master of None was an absolutely phenomenal show, and I hope and look forward to future seasons and installments of it, and that I highly recommend that other people watch it and hopefully enjoy it as much as I did.

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