Game of Thrones S06E09 talk

Just going to put this whole post behind a jump, because it’s straight up nothing but spoilers.

Remember when I said that I didn’t have a whole lot of faith that Ramsay Bolton was going to get his comeuppance?

Well I’ve never been more delighted to be proven wrong.  It was absolutely gratifying to see Ramsay get absolutely destroyed by Jon Snow, even if it were entirely completely one-sided.  Seriously, I expected Ramsay to sneak attack Jon’s camp like he did against Stannis, or find a way to wound Jon well before their eventual matchup, with Jon needing some sort of intervention or outside interference to topple Ramsay.

Instead, and surprisingly, we get a straight up Hulk-raging Jon Snow beatdown with Ramsay going down like a bitch, much to the delight of fans like myself.

I understand the importance of strong villains, but Ramsay went from cunning and diabolical, to kind of OP, to ultimately straight up insufferably evil.  In a way, the show succeeded in creating a bad guy that people like me couldn’t wait to see get his comeuppance.  It was almost like great wrestling heel booking, with the pursuit of the chase and the almost agonizingly long wait for the payoff.

Not only did Ramsay get the ass-kicking from Jon Snow that fans like me were clawing at the walls waiting to see, he ultimately meets his demise, appropriately under the eye of Sansa Stark.  Season six continued to be what I had declared to be the season of Sansa, as I would have to say that no character has enjoyed more growth and development as she has.  Gone is the pawn and tool to all the other players in the metaphorical game of thrones, and arrived is a wizened challenger who has had enough of everyone else’s shit, and has learned how to be cerebral, channel from experience, issue threats and watch people die.

Watching her Mona Lisa smile on her way out of the kennels as Ramsay’s own deliberately starved dogs mauled and ate him was a truly gratifying moment, and left me feeling satisfied, something that GoT has denied viewers time and time again for about six seasons now.

But Ramsay’s dead!  Finally!  Total nerd boner.  Like I realize now that the wish for Ramsay’s death surpassed the want for Joffrey’s death long ago, and upon finally getting it, it’s so much more satisfying than watching Joffrey keel over.

Naturally, I don’t think there’s any way the season ends on such a high note, and with one episode left, there’s still plenty of time for some cliffhanger foreboding doom to leave the viewers wondering what’s going to happen next.  Knock on wood, but there hasn’t been a substantial number of named character deaths this season, with off the top of my head, we’ve lost Osha, Hodor, Brynden the Blackfish (off-screen) Wun-Wun, Roose and Ramsay Bolton, and Rickon Stark, but there’s still time for a death in King’s Landing or in Meereen to happen to leave the show hanging, and to my count, George R.R. Martin has yet to have his one directed episode this season yet, and he’s usually the reaper that directs all the big death scenes.

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