Truly fin..?

Is it really over?  Gawker to shut down indefinitely as ultimately result of messing with Hulkamania.

As if there were any doubt from the very start.  Sure, it took a few years, but the end result is the same as with anyone else who has ever tried to fuck with Hulk Hogan: defeat.

There’s really nothing else for me to say about the matter.  Gawker, thinking they were invincible behind first amendment rights, simply barked up the wrong tree and had an endless wave of Hulkamania run rampant all over them, and now they’re bankrupt, watched all their assets with actual potential get bought up by Univision of all companies, and then forced to shut down their flagship that no entity in their right mind wants to associate their names with.

For decades, ranging from Vince McMahon, his gold-digging ex-wife, his degenerate son, The Million Dollar Man, to Gawker, have tried to fuck with Hulkamania.  They’ve all failed.  When are people going to learn?

Regardless, it’s almost hard to believe that it’s actually over.  Like, really over, over.  Not just a court verdict and Gawker being liable for hundreds of millions of dollars, not them liquidating and selling off to Univision.  But the fact that Gawker is officially shutting down and going away, it seems like it’s unreal that it’s happening.  But you fuck with Hulk Hogan, and a remaining lifetime of jobbing is all that waits.

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