Happy Moloch Day 2017!

I’ll keep it short because I unfortunately do not have the luxury of having the day off this year, like I have in prior Moloch Days.  Working for The Man has its occasional drawbacks.

But anyway, much the same as the ancient Aramaic alphabet came before the Common Tongue, MLK came long, long, long before MLK; which obviously, if you’ve been reading my brog for a while now, obviously is in reference to ancient demon god Moloch, came long before Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Therefore, any calendar too lazy to clarify the difference and simply states “MLK Day,” they are automatically Pagan infidels who are spending the day honoring his demon holiness, Moloch.  By proxy, they are completely okay with human sacrifices, preferably in the form of young children.

Sorry if the laziness of others reveals to you hordes of people bragging on social media how they have day off because of MLK, but they’re really praising Moloch for slaughtering some children and granting you a little bit of off-time from the office.  Sorry if “Martin Luther King” is a mouthful too, but if you really want to clarify that you’re celebrating the existence of a civil rights leader, you really need to clarify, otherwise the demon god Moloch is more than happy to take credit for your PTO.

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