This one was to send a message: “Suspicious package” near the Howell Mill Road exit leads to shutdown of I-75 southbound during the heart of the morning rush hour.  There is no MARTA alternative route coming from this direction.

This one’s for you, Cobb County.  For those of you who aren’t necessarily savvy to Atlanta county-isms, despite the fact that it would make more sense than peanut butter and jelly, Cobb County absolutely refuses to allow MARTA into its hallowed county lines.  To the point where MARTA rail almost patronizingly skates on the county line as it goes all the way up into the northern part of Fulton County.

Don’t believe anything else you may or may not care to inquire about why Cobb refuses MARTA, and just know that it has entirely everything to do with the simple fact that Cobb County does not want black people to have rail access into their sacred communities.  Because nothing is more synonymous with scary, scary colored people and their definitive crime that they will in fact bring, than rail access.

But anyway, this latest debacle of Atlanta highway hell brought to you by MARTA, is a message sent to all the Cobb County residents who, like many, commute from their cushy suburbs into the city proper to make their livings.  You motherfuckers don’t have a convenient MARTA alternative to get into the city, because Cobb refuses to allow MARTA; so enjoy sitting in traffic with nearly no detours or alternate routes into the city, because the second most efficient means to get to the city would be I-85… which is closed!

Keith Parker is a diabolical son of a bitch alright.  Not only is he puppet mastering the strings to destroy highways left and right to force people to use MARTA, now he’s multitasking the whole plot to also send a message to Cobb County, that they too would benefit from some MARTA in their lives.

I don’t agree that making lives miserable is the most efficient means of method to get results, but a part of me kind of respects this hypothetical game that Keith Parker is playing, and knocking on wood, I’m just glad that none of his cerebral strikes on the city roads have managed to affect me just yet.  And I’m hoping it never does.

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