Writing when I’m not feeling writing

Every now and then, I’ll hit a point where I look at my docket of written things, and feel as if I haven’t written anything in a while, and then I feel anxious because I’m OCD like that and feel like I should be writing at the very least, once a week.

However, admittedly a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’ve been feeling like the world around me is in this stagnant state where on any given point, it feels like the world’s primary topics of discussion are encapsulated in these really small capsules as of late, and it’s like the same things are discussed and rehashed 50,000 times before the next thing that should probably be taking a back seat to larger things emerges and the cycle repeats itself.

Like, for example, it seems like the only things being talked about in the world are:

  • Sexual harassment that stemmed from Harvey Weinstein
  • Gun control that stemmed from the Las Vegas shootings
  • Kneeling during the National Anthem that stemmed from Colin Kaepernick
  • Football

Despite the fact that there are vastly bigger issues in the world currently such as:

  • The remains of Puerto Rico
  • The revolving door of hurricanes and tropical storms swirling up the western Atlantic
  • The elected guy perpetually antagonizing North Korea, Iran and now, Puerto Rico

Now I’ve deliberately worded first few bullet points the way they are, because all of the topics had a pretty specific point of origin, but as far as coverage goes, have mutated into these convoluted strawman arguments that have completely abandoned the original points, and have devolved into the usual arenas of pleebs arguing amongst themselves, and trolls to throw gas on the coals with memes, lulz and masterful agitation.

Frankly, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on in the world that has necessarily inspired me to write about on the worldly level, and news on the local level is trying really hard to sound worldly and global, and often times covering the same shit, but either written worse, or just click-bait plagiarized or easy-mode redirected.  Or they’re just talking about football, like always.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the latter though, even though there might just be a little too much football coverage out there, at least it’s not (as) political or there’s a finite timeline to when the topics cease and move on.

And people wonder why I dive so headfirst into sports, because when I’m focusing on sports, I’m capable of being able to tune out the rest of the bullshit in the rest of the world, and even sports manages to give back some modicum of enjoyment every now and then, very much as opposed to the droll and depressing minutiae of topical global news.

Needless to say, this past weekend wasn’t really anything out of the aforementioned script and I have to say, if there was ever a time to really get into some sports, this weekend was it.  And I didn’t even cap it all off with any NFL or NBA, because both of those sports are trash and I’ve become very relieved that I’m not wasting myself with those games, because my Sundays have grown more relaxed and capable of indulging in the extreme first world problem of tackling a television queue that’s ballooned as much as my credit card debt.

Naturally, it goes without saying that week 7 of the College Football season turned out to be the annual week of death that seems inevitable to happen at least once a season, where there are multiple notable upsets throughout the entire AP Top 25 college teams.  But the fact that it started so explosively with #2 Clemson jobbing to the unheralded Syracuse Orangemen just set the tone for the rest of the weekend where every single game the rest of the weekend was pretty much gravy, since Clemson hasn’t lost in like the last 50 games or so it seemed.

And it’s like when #2 went down, everyone else in the top-10 and top-25 let their guards down, or let their eyes wander past their current opponents, with hopes and aspirations to really start climbing the rankings, because when Clemson takes a loss, that really opened the door for everyone else.  Such was never more prevalent than seeing #8 Washington State go down next, followed by #10 Auburn losing to LSU, and then #5 Washington dropping to Arizona State.

Even #4 Georgia must have been looking beyond the present when they entered halftime against Missouri tied, before getting their heads out of their asses and blowing them out for the rest of the game, which has proven fortuitous as they now enter week 8 ranked at #3, and most definitely in the College Playoff picture.

But seriously, Clemson losing is without question better than any Virginia Tech win, because they pretty much never lose.  The chances of them still running the table the rest of the way and winning the ACC are still pretty good, because a single quarterback does a team make not, but with their starting qb addled the rest of the way, I’d wager to say that their season is toast now.

Baseball: I won’t say much in spite of my excitement about this year’s playoffs, but this past weekend’s games were entertaining.

And because I’m a huge nerd, the League of Legends World Championship… all three Korean teams moved on in the tournament to the knockout stage, China’s #1 seed went home unceremoniously, and big lols at two North American teams somehow managing to go a combined 1-7 out of six scheduled games, because they choked so hard and required tie-breakers to get sent home.

Ardent Senser OP.  The League scene is as stagnant as ever currently, since every game is pretty much Cho’gath vs. Maokai top lane, Janna vs. Lulu support, and Kog’maw vs. Twitch at AD carry.  CC wins out and teams that can scale and hold on will win in 40 minutes if they don’t lose in 22.

And when I got done watching sports and League all weekend, I took great enjoyment in attacking my backlog of television.  But that’s another post for another day when I finish watching all my shit, and I feel like writing about television is a vast superior option over writing about god damn anything else happening around the rest of the volatile and unhappy world.

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