Salty feelings

Do any of you guys ever get the feeling like either too much of the world is into all the same things you’re interested in, or perhaps you yourself are too much like the rest of the world, and are more or less falling in line with a parade of similarly behavioral people?   I’ve been feeling like this recently.

When I was a broody moody teenager, I recall taking great lengths in deliberately going in directions that “everyone else” went.  Whether it was class selection, choice in artistic expressions, to simply things like routes I drove, and the things I decided to do.  I was trying to differentiate from the crowd, and it required effort.

Eventually, and it’s probably closest to my current state of being, I simply stopped trying, and kind of let life dictate itself as if it were water flowing, moving constantly, but at a default motion.  However, by doing such, lately I feel like in spite of my past efforts, when the day is over, I’m not quite the unique butterfly that I like to think everyone likes to think they are sometimes.

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Ugh, I can’t believe I just used a hashtag as my title line, but frankly it is pretty succinct in this particular application.

Anyway, I’ve made no secret that I’m a pretty terrible baseball fan these days, and as the 2014 season approaches closer and closer, I should be getting more excited than I am, because when the day is over, I still really do like baseball.  It’s just that it’s not as all-consuming to me as it once was, and I kind of view baseball as the ultimate and greatest fallback activity there is, and when it comes to travel, no travel seems necessarily complete without having viewed some baseball in some capacity.

One thing that has remained consistent throughout the years though, is my craze for baseball bobbleheads.  I really still can’t explain it, but I really do enjoy collecting them, and the accumulation of more bobbleheads is something that I’m pretty passionate about as the seasons come and go.  More than the release of schedules of games and opponents, I’m more excited about the release of the schedules of promotions, with hopes that I’ll see bobbleheads listed among them.  Not just at home in Atlanta, I have my eyes peeled, and ears to the ground when it comes to bobbleheads all throughout Major League Baseball as well as, throughout the minor leagues.  Especially those that are Braves affiliates.

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A first time for everything

Last week, I had a general idea of a schedule in which I wanted to write what I wanted to write about SDCC, and when I wanted to have my Comic-Con photos all sorted, processed and ultimately uploaded.  Basically, I told myself that I wanted to have everything done in a week.  Because, I was going out of town during the weekend to gather another bobblehead as well as see a new baseball park, and then I would have more photos to sort and share, and something else to write about next week.

I made my trip out of town over the weekend, but apparently the rains that have plagued Georgia over the last fucking year two months decided to come along with me, and proceed to ruin the one thing I really wanted to accomplish.  Needless to say, it rained just enough for the Danville Braves to cancel the one game I had planned on going to see.  Naturally, the announcement came LITRALLY minutes before my brother and I pulled into the parking lot, not to mention that it had actually stopped raining when we entered Danville itself.  But all the prior rain had sufficiently soaked the outfield to unsafe playing conditions and for the D-Braves to call the game.

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Photos: A day in Jacksonville, Florida

The pursuit of bobbleheads took me down to Jacksonville, Florida for the first time in my life.  This was kind of a shoddily put together trip, as the only thing I had genuinely planned for was to go to the ballpark in the evening, so that I could get this rare oddity of a bobblehead of Chipper Jones in his high school uniform, since it was a prep school in Jacksonville.

That being said, I literally had nothing to do all day prior to going to the ballpark mega early to ensure that I would get my bobblehead(s).  After I found a place to eat breakfast, I walked around a tiny park, because Google maps showed that it housed a creek known as “Hogan Creek,” and as anyone should know about me now, I’m fascinated with anything with the name “Hogan” in it for my Hulkamaniac roots.

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The FrankenChipper Bobblehead

As I’ve already admit to, I traveled all the way to Hickory, North Carolina, so I could get a Chipper Jones bobblehead. Nevermind the fact that logically, there was absolutely no reason for a Texas Rangers affiliate, or a team that Chipper Jones hasn’t ever played for to be giving away a Chipper Jones bobblehead, when they announced that they were giving away a Chipper Jones bobblehead, I knew that I had to have it.

Thanks to myself for having way too much free time on my hands, and thank to my brother who graciously went to Hickory with me, I got the bobblehead, and it makes me happy.

But here’s the funny thing about the bobblehead; when I saw a picture of it on the Hickory team’s website, I thought to myself that it looked kind of familiar. That didn’t/wasn’t going to stop me from making the play for it, but I couldn’t help but feel like this rare minor league ballpark giveaway was going to be as rare as people like me were thinking it was going to be.

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Photos: Ten outs in Hickory, North Carolina

What I mean by “Ten outs in Hickory,” means that I literally only stayed at the game for ten outs being recorded.  In other words, my brother and I stuck around the game for just a little bit over one inning of a nine inning game, before leaving.  This was also after driving 2.5 hours from Raleigh to get to Hickory.

This is the kind of shit why I always “joke” about being the worst baseball fan in the world.  I drove 2.5 hours to Hickory, because they were giving out a Chipper Jones bobblehead, that I really wanted.  As for the game itself, I honestly didn’t really care about it, and after walking around the small minor league park, I felt that I had gotten enough feel for the place.

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Photos: Colorado Springs and more Denver

The following camera dump is the remainder of the photographs I took whilst out in Colorado.  The second day of my trip, I ventured out to Colorado Springs with the main objective being the minor league park located there.  But at the same time, it was a good excuse to see the world a little bit, and I wandered about Colorado Springs to see what this city had to offer.

Beautiful nature, that was for sure; I found a place called “The Garden of Gods,” and there was no way I couldn’t check it out.  Although I probably only saw about a thirtieth of the place, I still spent some time walking and hiking some of their trails, and took in some of the mountainous sights.  And before I headed back into suburbia to see the ballpark, I passed through Old Colorado City, an old town that I honestly do not know the historical significance of.

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