Three wrongs don’t a make right

This is where the kids say ‘smh’ – Former NBA player accuses woman of being a racist on social media because she refused to let him sit next to her on crowded train

I’ve read this article several times over, and each time, I roll my eyes and judgingly criticize all parties involved, because it’s ultimately a tremendously stupid story as a whole.  However, because it elicited a response in my brain, to the brog go the thoughts!

But long story short, former NBA player Etan Thomas takes to social media to accuse a woman of being a racist, because she didn’t want him sitting next to her on a train with allegedly no open seats, despite the fact that it appears that he ended up sitting catty-corner to her anyway, because she claimed the seat was taken when he asked, but then made available the seat to a white man when he asked.

Did he have reason to believe it was racially motivated?  Absolutely.  But was it racially motivated?  Etan Thomas didn’t definitively know, and frankly I don’t think he had the right to make the accusations he did without a little bit more basis.

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I don’t know how people do it

Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of depressed and stressed about how I haven’t really traveled or seen some particular friends or family in quite some time.  Sure, I had a trip to Disney back in April, but almost at no point of that trip was I really able to sit back, relax, and kind of do nothing.  I’m not saying nothing is all I want to do, but there are times that I feel that I’m pining for occasions where there is nothing really on the agenda but loose ideas, and little or no stress if any of these ideas are acted upon.  But really, I’m finding myself missing people I used to see on a pretty regular basis, and the number of days, weeks and months since I’d seen them grows, leading to this perpetual cycle of feeling detached.

What isn’t helping the entire conundrum is the fact that I no longer have the ability to up and hop on any flight as I used to, and which is serving as impetus for writing this in the first place.  I’d like to travel and visit some friends or family pretty soon, but simply put, I just can’t afford it, or find myself being able to stomach the cost of flying, without privileges.

Frankly, I don’t know how people do this, planning so far ahead in advance to get reasonable rates, and looking at $600+ round trips if one actually wanted to make a last-minute flight somewhere.  I don’t know how people do this.

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Overthinking Fiction: Guile’s Stage

I don’t really remember the circumstances, but I remember staring at a screen capture of Street Fighter II, of Ryu fighting Guile in Guile’s stage.  And I began to think, how did Ryu manage to get onto a United States Air Force base in the first place?

Not to mention that his declared business on base would have to have been something like “I’m here to have a street fight Colonel/Commander/whatever Guile.”  Yeah, I’m sure the soldiers at the gate would hear something like that, and then immediately lift the gate and allow entry and passage, with no questions asked.  Sure, come on in, welcome to base, and go enjoy your street fight.

Also, not to mention the fact that Ryu isn’t an American citizen in the first place, a Japanese guy with zero documentation because he’s homeless to begin with, trying to get onto a US Air Force base seems all sorts of ludicrous.

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The leg drop really is a dumb move

Over the last few days, I’ve been watching a lot of Hulk Hogan leg drops, in honor of his recent victory over Gawker.  Now, I’m still excited and happy over his victory over that shitty network of sites, but eventually I got to a point where I’d begun moving on, and watching all these montages of Hulk Hogan leg drops got me thinking about ultimately, the leg drop is kind of a dumb move.

Basically, a wrestler leaps up in the air and drapes their popliteal over their opponent’s head.  It’s basically like clotheslining someone, with your leg, and probably with less momentum, since they’re already flat on mat, and gravity probably can’t provide the same force as person(s) running at each other.

Sure, Hulk Hogan made the move famous, but there’s no denying that when you take the Hulkster factor out of the equation, it’s still a pretty mundane and lackluster maneuver.

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Overthinking Fiction: Cody Lambert

My friend and I were talking about old television sitcoms like Blossom and Family Matters, and at some point, we got on Step by Step, and how pretty much the only reasons to really watch the show was the progression of Al’s hotness (Christine Lakin), and how distant cousin Cody Lambert was pretty much the best character of the show.

Naturally, my mind goes off on tangents, and it doesn’t take long for me to take something that I liked, like Cody, and overthink and dissect it to a point where it pretty much kind of ruins them.

But anyway, to those not familiar with Step by Step, Cody is the nephew of Patrick Duffy’s dad character, and the older cousin to the Lambert kids.  He’s older than all of the family kids, but not quite old enough to be considered a full-fledged adult, and he was basically the character that could relay to the children, their parents’ advice, when the kids would be obtuse about it.  And since Cody was the cool older brother figure to everyone, everyone listened to him.  Along the way, Cody found the meaning of life by deliberately depriving himself of sleep, and got into a massive bar-room brawl, all while spouting Valley speak and sounding like a bro before the term bro was even coined.

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HP’s new logo is stupid

Short story shorter: Hewlett-Packard introduces new logo which will start being on display with HP’s Spectre laptop series.

Here’s the thing, once you know that it’s by HP, it’s easier to visually identify the H and the P, because your brain is basically filling in the gaps for you.  But if you didn’t know that this was HP for Hewlett-Packard, then who’s to say that it’s an H and a P?  It could be a lower-case B, followed by a P, or even a lower-case B, followed by a lower-case R?

Or who says they’re even letters at all?  It’s almost like a hand-symbol like the shocker.  Or maybe it’s claw marks or something, for a company that takes its namesake from a ferocious animal?

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At what point is trying hard kind of dumb?

Impetus: New York high school student is accepted into all eight Ivy League colleges among other prestigious schools.

First, a lot of people probably think this girl is insufferably arrogant. Yeah yeah, haters gonna hate and all that jazz, but come on now; she applied to all eight Ivy League schools, Johns Hopkins and MIT among other notably prestigious schools? Sure, reach for the stars, but as people are very well aware, college applications ain’t free. I can’t imagine college applications for Ivy League schools are much cheaper than the local commuter school, but seriously.

With the credentials that she had, she was a shoe-in to get into most of the Ivy League schools, had she picked one that she liked the most, as well as perhaps a fallback one or two. Going for all eight, as well as other prestigious schools is most definitely an ego pursuit, to see how many she could get into, regardless of the cost of applying. It’s a no-lose situation where getting into any of them garners the humble-bragging that’s being done now, and any instances of denied entry can be met with simple denial of having applied.

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