Imagine coming home one day, and the power went out, so the electronic garage door opener isn’t working.  Because you’re accustomed to entering through the garage, you typically don’t carry keys to the front door.  Now that the garage has been incapacitated, how do you get into your house?  No problem.  Squirt a little omni-gel onto the locks, and voila – shit pops unlocked, you’re free to enter.

Imagine one day, your dad kicks the bucket, and among his estate is a locked safe, that nobody has the combination to.  Smear a little omni-gel on it, and the mystery is solved.

Imagine playing against me in Left 4 Dead, and get so frustrated at repeatedly getting beaten to death by me, that you throw your Xbox controller on the ground, and break it.  Instead of going out to Wal-Mart and dropping $40 on a new controller, coat it in omni-gel, and be back on the horse to pwnage in no time.

Imagine driving down I-285 through Forest Park, and spontaneously getting caught in the middle of a gang fight, and your car takes massive gun fire, catches fire, and begins to reach critical mass.  As soon as you can reach safety, pull off on the shoulder, and have your tech-specialist start pouring some omni-gel all over the car, and in no time, you’ll be back on the road to the next relay exit.

I can’t believe that omni-gel really exists!

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