My arms feel like Rich Harden, and my legs feel like Chipper Jones.  But all with good reason.  What started with a new television snowballed into an effort to renovate my personal quarters, with me now paying dividends for my work, proving that things are easier when the house is new and unfurnished, and that I am indeed, getting old as fuck.

I haven’t worked all week, and haven’t gotten yet paid for the week of work previously.  Work is coming back as of Tuesday, and some interesting opportunities may arise (hopefully) in coming time.

The year is steadily approaching its finale.  Without much trepidation I say it can’t come soon enough.  But more on a lot of the aforementioned topics at a later date.  It’s Christmas, and I intend to spend today doing jack squat, eating food I like, and playing video games all day.

Merry Christmas, world.

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