Over eleven years in the making

This serves as a preview picture of the 100 photos I took over the weekend, and a reminder that I am indeed in the brogging business.  May was a gauntlet of a month to begin with, and I’m hardly finding much time to catch up with personal brogging shit from a combination of prior engagements, baseball, family shit, and work.  But back from the wedding of my big gay brother, I am left with a feeling of happiness for him, and recognition of a good time altogether.  Pictures will be soon coming.

But in the mean time, this may be a picture of us all looking all polished, nice, and dapper, but approximately 4,234 days ago, this following picture was taken:

Minus Chuck, that is, as he was not yet quite a part of our demented family then.  But all of us doing the sign of THE CHOKESLAM.

Feel free to be mortified by the realization that we’re all old as fuck now, and how much life and the world has changed since the former photograph.  And/or be mortified by the fact that I even have, and posted such an ancient relic in the first place.

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