Photos: Dexter’s Condominium

Behold – the real life condominium where Dexter Morgan lived in, in the greatest show in the world, Dexter.  I found out where it was located through a fan website, and decided that I had to see it with my own two eyes.

To no surprise, it’s a gated community, with seemingly no real car entrance in front of it.  Dexter’s condo, which is towards the right tip of the shown photograph, is actually the back part of this property, and there’s no way to just pass by in a car, since it faces the Biscayne Bay Harbor (Butcher).  But I am a determined individual, and as easy as it would have been to hop the low fence they have to keep trespassers out, I simply relegated to sticking my body through some shrubs and palm trees, and taking some paparazzi-style pictures from within the foliage.

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