Maryland Fail: This much clarification is needed

My criticism of Maryland (drivers) is often dismissed, because I’m a Virginia native; we’re expected to be critical of all things Maryland, as they are supposed to be towards those from Virginia.  But seriously, when I say Maryland drivers are godawful, I mean that they seriously are godawful.  No awareness of their surroundings, an inability to utilize turn signals, and overall a constant threats to be around whilst on the road.

The fact that Maryland drivers need this much clarification to understand a red light speaks volumes.  Apparently, far too often, a Maryland driver has decided to not acknowledge the signal in front of them, and deem the green light for adjacent traffic to be sufficient enough to be the green light for them.  And probably gotten away with it, because Maryland is full of fucking idiots, to where obvious signs like this are necessitated in order to create disclosure.

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