Photos: Las Vegas trip, Allison’s birthday

A whole bunch of firsts here – first picture drop of the 2012 year, first batch of images taken with my DSLR, and first photo post with this gallery format.  Which is all in relation to the first trip out to Las Vegas in quite some time for me, the occasion being a friend’s birthday party.  No better excuse to hit up Vegas.

I often say that the mark of a good Vegas trip is going home with the feeling that you missed out on doing some things.  I ate like a pig (surprise), got to do some gambling, and saw a couple of shows, as well as enjoying the company of our large-ish group out there.  But I didn’t get to indulge in Erris Irand ribs, I didn’t play craps, and I didn’t go up the Eiffel Tower, so I can say that I left with some of those feelings of missing out.  But that’s a good thing, because unlike the last few times prior to my burnout, I have something to look forward to the next time I go out there.

Gambling wise, I did better than expected.  Even with several hundreds of dollars risked, and the fact that asking a blackjack dealer to actually bust on this trip was akin to asking a co-worker to actually be useful, I managed to come back home with a significant chunk of my own money.  Quite literally, all I lost was a $200 bill.  Coming home with almost five times that definitely constitutes as the wow factor.

But anyway, enjoy the photos.

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