The racial double standard

I kind of wish the day would come when humanity meets the Turians, then the Salarians and Asari.  Because I get the impression that until there’s something so radically different for people to become prejudice towards, like aliens, racism will never go away.

The photographed vanity plate on the Ford Explorer pictured says “BLKNPRD.”  Black and Proud.  In an ironic way, it’s actually amusing to me that the driver side brake light is also busted, and being held in place with packing tape.

But no matter, this is the kind of vanity tag that exists all over Atlanta, at any given time.  I’ve seen plates or bumper stickers that allude to one, being black, and any variety of being successful, rich, debonair, female, or some sort of leader or revolutionary.  What I’m curious about is that if we live in such a supposed progressive and tolerant society, why is it so imperative to indicate their ethnicity?

It doesn’t really matter, because we all really know the answer to the question.  But the fact is, no other race could really get away with the way the black community does.  White people have it the worst; imagine seeing WHYTNPRD on a vanity tag?  That car would be on blocks and destroyed for being supremacist within 24 hours of putting the tag on the car.  If I put AZNPWR on a car, I’d be labeled a racist and likely laughed at, well before the car would ultimately be vandalized in discrimination.  But BLKs put BLK all over their tags, ironically pointing themselves out, and nobody seems to bat an eye.

Except for me.  They’re racist too.

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