A quick note on brog programming

I realize my posting has been a little bouncing around over the last few days.  As I have kind of completed most of the travel I have planned over the last three weeks, I’m going to be playing lots of catching up with lots of my personal writing/photos/posting.

Here is a glimpse of all the things I need to catch up on:

  • I’ve been to four new ballparks
  • I did touristy shit in San Francisco and went to see Alcatraz
  • Photos from now four new ballparks to process
  • Subsequently four new ballpark entries to add to my ballpark project
  • Since I was at Animazement over this past weekend, there are some photos from that too
  • I’ll probably make some quickie-posts in order to tide myself over
  • And all the other self-appointed writing/photo obligations I put onto myself for others

So in other words, don’t expect much cohesion or rhyme or reason over the next days, and possibly weeks.

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