Second filler post: CHICKEN McBOOTS

OMG I ate some McBoots after I got back from North Carolina.  So gratifying, so delicious, even if they are so bad for your health.  I just did not give a damn.  I’m still not entirely sure of what caused the sudden infatuation and demand for McBoots, but I’m willing to wager a good bit that it happened when I was inebriated, and then it trickled into my sober hours.  Once a craving for the McBoots comes into play, nothing short of McBoots will satiate the need.

In other news, I’ve processed all my images, and within the next few days, I’ll begin making some more substantial photo/writing brog posts, chronicling my recent journeys and showing crappy photography of the places I’ve been, and things I’ve seen.

The next few weekends stand to look pretty nondescript and stagnant in comparison to the last two, but you know what?  I can’t wait to sleep in in my own bed this weekend, and hope to get some substantial rest, as long as my dog will allow it.

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