I realize I’m about to embark on a period

Where I will be either busy fervently doing chores around my home, or preparing for guests or parties, and preparing for yet another Peachtree Road Race throughout the next two weeks.  And that’s if work isn’t too interfering with my personal ambitions.

But needless to say, I have a feeling that I’m going to fall behind in my brogging pursuits in this time being, and I’ve already got a small cache building up; 79 pictures from my latest and most tedious-to-return Virginia trip, a ballpark in Frederick, Maryland visited and needing incorporation into my baseball website, among the random thoughts floating through my head at any given time that warrant posting.  I’ll likely be taking some photos over this weekend, and throughout the holiday week as well.  So I fully foresee myself feeling the brogging bulge over the next two weeks.

Above is a photo panorama that I whipped up while at the Braves vs. Yankees game.  It’s an angle not seen frequently, and it’s rare that Turner Field gets this packed on any basis, even with rain in the atmosphere.

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