This is how I feel when I read this story.

Basically, when I came across the story about these retard teenagers who went around grocery stores and filmed themselves pretending to trip, flop and flail to the ground while holding gallon containers of milk or other beverages, resulting in massive messes and startled people, I had one of those aw, what the fuck, what is the world coming to, I hate people, humanity is doomed feelings.  It’s not funny, it’s a waste of perfectly good food, and it puts innocent strangers at risk of getting dirtied or possibly slipping themselves.  Worst of all, I didn’t actually think that these guys would get reprimanded for their actions, and would probably keep on doing it, and worse yet, influence other retard trolls to do it too.

The fact that these three worthless fucks are being nailed with criminal charges for destruction of property and disorderly conduct makes me happier than when I see a single driver actually getting caught and pulled over in the HOV lane.  The faith in humanity gauge rises a little bit, upon hearing this news.  I hope their haji father/uncle goes all old country on them and beats the living shit out of them too, for having now becoming criminals.

The funny thing to me is that apparently all of this was in Northern Virginia, not too far from where I lived.  That pretty much explains why the three little shits were clearly of Middle Eastern descent, because Northern Virginia is practically like West Afghanistan now.  In fact, Marshall High School is pretty close to where I used to work at one point.  If there was one thing that old Fairfax County was pretty thorough with, it was its police force’s need for justice and to actually catch misdemeanor perpetrators like these worthless fucks.

It’s wishful thinking, but here’s to hoping that this kind of backlash makes “merry pranksters” think twice about their choice of public trolling.

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