Oh, Atlanta

Long story short: Armed man attempts to rob a group of people waiting outside of a shoe store for the new LeBron James shoes only to be killed by one of the people who happened to have a firearm of his own.

It’s reading stories like that that bring a sadistic smile to my face at just how stupidly silly and predictable people can be. I’d say it sucks that someone died in his fracas, but considering the guy was a petty wannabe thug who strived to steal from others, I’d say the world is better off without this cretin being around, or clogging up the penal system with tax dollars of the responsible sustaining his worthless life.

Seriously though, there pretty much isn’t one thing about this whole scenario that isn’t ironically funny to me. But the one thing that I think was the funniest part of this whole story, I’m willing to bet might have been lost on others, due to the fact that there was shooting and death involved, but the fact that the eyewitness interviewed in this report claims to have been waiting since Monday for the release of the shoes.

Here’s the irony – at least people waiting outside of Apple stores for the next iThing, and people camping at Best Buy for the next game console, they know they’re going to get the product, if they’ve got a fairly early spot in line. But waiting for LeBron James shoes really might not have been a sure-thing; especially since it had leaked out that the shoes had prematurely declared James and the Heat as NBA champions, before the NBA Finals were even over. Had the NBA Finals not been rigged, there would have been a chance that the Heat may not have won, and these shoes would have essentially been scrapped, or at least delayed. So it’s a good thing that the NBA Finals were rigged, and it fulfilled the claim that LeBron was now, a 2X champion. It’s a good thing Nike money has the NBA in their back pocket like that but anyway.

It still doesn’t change the fact that people were waiting in line for almost an entire week for fucking shoes. Or maybe there were people there for an entire week or more, because the guy interviewed in the report clearly wasn’t at the front of the line. But still, shoes? Don’t these people have fucking jobs or more important things to do? And this is coming from a guy that hops on planes and travels hours for baseball bobbleheads. How the hell do they have $180+ for LeBrons? I’m not saying shoes are any more or less important than the next iThing or gaming console, but still when the day is over, they’re clumps of fabric, rubber and threads that cover your feet. At least an iPhone can be a useful tool in varying facets. At least a gaming console can be used for a variety of functions these days. None of them are necessarily worth waiting multiple days outdoors for, but if I had to rank them, shoes would definitely be at the bottom of that list.

What I also think is kind of funny about this whole story is the guy that had his own firearm and who killed the would-be robber. Either this guy was really, really, really paranoid about going out to wait for LeBrons, fully understood that waiting for the next overpriced Nikes could result in some violence that might need some counteraction, or was plotting on doing his own robbing of the people in line himself. And in the case of the latter, it sure ended up being really convenient that someone else beat him to the punch of being the perp, because then when he defended himself and the other homies in line, he ends up looking like a fucking hero, and he gets to satiate those primal desires to legally pull a gun, shoot and kill someone else. I want to know if this guy’s actually licensed to own the gun he used, now.

No matter, in the end, this whole story is pretty ironically humorous, sad and of course, encapsulating of what life in Atlanta is often like.

Home sweet home.

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