So about that whole “wanting a story” thing

I mean, I always knew it was definitely gone in this direction, but I’d never seen any actual statistical proof of just how it really is these days.

But it’s pretty much confirmed that when it comes to the dating and relationships game, pretty much the vast majority of the world has given up on chance, and have turned to the internet.  Except for the few people like me, that is.  But really, I knew that I was kind of in a low-populated boat to begin with, but it’s pretty amazing to see just how many people have turned to the internet throughout the years.

As I’ve said before, I don’t have a problem with people meeting other people over the internet, but it’s just something that I don’t want for myself.  I don’t want to be able to stalk and learn about someone I’m interested in over a wall of text and an online questionnaire, and some cherry picked JPEGs of them looking their best.  Relationships are all about seeing the good and the bad, and overcoming all sorts of obstacles small and large, suffering occasional adversities, and enjoying victories little ones, and big ones, together.

Even if I’m in a sinking ship, I think I’d rather stand my ground, still.  I don’t want to be so scared of the world around me that I have to vet people over the internet to determine whether or not they’re worth pursuing.

I like to have hope and keep the faith that such sentiment, will someday be the prologue to my personal story with the love of my life one day.

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