It kind of makes me feel a little old(er) but still, lolz

Today is one of those days where I don’t really feel like I have anything really good to write about.  On any given day, I like to try and have something floating or swirling around my head to be able to turn into something of a substantial brog post.  I kind of had an idea about writing about eulogies and something that would kind of come off sounding morose and a little bit towards the macabre, but honestly, I didn’t think I could really make something substantial out of it.  So on times like that, I simply turn to the internet, and see if anything piques my attention and gets some writer’s synapses popping.

So I stumbled across this story, about a guy (Guy) who snuffed out a potential relationship via text message, and the girl (Girl) getting so incensed and ragey, that she went on this gigantic monumental diatribe about how she’s young and successful and that she didn’t need him, and then proceeded to apparently screen cap some of his possibly racy, but more just flirtatiously suggestive text messages and sent it off to his employers in an attempt to shame him amongst his peers and probably to try and get him fired.

In this day and age of people constantly attempting to cerebrally, but artificially generate theatric incident summaries on the internet with hopes that they’ll go viral like this, I’m generally always skeptical stories like this.  I’d bet on the side that this was staged.

But in the hypothetical world that it was genuine and legit, the person coming looking the worst out of this whole instance is Girl, who went spider-monkey ape shit.  Sure, there are a lot of details not included in the whole one-sided story, but as far as I can surmise, Guy is really only guilty of one thing: severing the relationship via text message.  I mean shit, my dating life is pretty pathetic, but even I know that at least a phone call is the last resort in the event that a face-to-face can’t occur.

But even still, snuffing the situation via text message is still not justifiable with essentially trying to ruin someone’s livelihood.  Notice I haven’t used the terminology “break-up,” because as the story goes, you can’t really break-up with someone if there was never a relationship in the first place.  As far as I’m concerned, Guy can’t be that big of a slime, because he snuffed out the coals before they could eventually burn their way into a relationship that he never wanted in the first place.  He was at least considerate to be upfront and honest that he wasn’t interested, and contained the situation before it could have inevitably ended up worse by stringing Girl along.

Honestly, who could really blame Guy, either?  Looking at the pictures of Girl, she’s not really impressive.  Now going straight superficial male here, in accordance with my standards, and I’m no fucking prize either, but she’s slightly overweight, appears to have somewhat of a drinking problem, superficial and materialistic, and oh yeah, based on her course of action, she’s a completely narcissistic, maniacal bitch.

But the thing is that she’s 26.  I remember when I was 26, and I had this chip on my shoulder and thought that I could capitalize on the world with my “youth.”  I’m snarky now, but I was probably snarkier back when I was 26.  And I also though back then that I knew just what the heck I was doing with my life.  I’m 31 now, and have pretty much accepted the fact that I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing with my life, but then again I occasionally think that that’s the point.

Fake story or not, this has kind of altered my perception about women too many years younger than me.  Back when I was 29, my perceived limit was 25, because I just had a potential relationship snuffed by a 23-year old who took me for a very short ride.  But after reading this story and knowing that people like this exist, even at the age of 26, it makes me ponder if I should reconfigure my bar.  Sure, it’s not fair to judge all people based on the actions of a few, but hey, who said that I was necessarily intelligent in the first place either?  Knowing my luck, I come across a 24-year old who wows me, and things work out, and I’ll eat my words.  With Sriracha sauce, please.

And nobody gives a fuck that she’s published two books.  Anyone can publish a book in today’s world, due to all sorts of independent printers, Amazon’s Booksurge program, and varying other outlets.  Publishing books is the easy part; selling them is a completely different monster.  I’ve published a book (for a client), and contributed to the publications of a few other publications.  Should anyone be impressed?  Fuck no; I’m not, why should anyone else?

Guy won’t get fired (because he probably doesn’t exist), unless the screen grabs were time stamped and were done during company time and his superiors really don’t like that, and since Girl never named any names (because he probably doesn’t exist), it’s really not going to hurt anyone.

The only one who comes out looking bad in this whole debacle is Girl, whose name is all over the fucking place on her site, as well as all the sites who feed the beast and have done such as well.  But then again, some people don’t mind being the bad guy, just as long as people are talking about them in the first place.

The more I think about it as I write, the more I’m completely convinced that this was all staged to generate website traffic and garner attention, virally, so in some account, the 26-year old isn’t completely clueless to the world.  I’m not sure how many people will be duped into buying any of her two books, but nice try.  Ultimately, it’s really not going to help her if there are more gullible people out there, namely potential, older-aged and minded business partners/employers who will of course Google her and find her name attached to this tale of immaturity and narcissism.

Not that I’d care to look, but if news ever came out that this whole shebang bit her in the ass, I’d laugh heartily.

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