Photos: Thanksgiving

I can’t really say that I’m thankful for a whole lot outside of the typical generic ones, like the people around me, but one thing that I am genuinely thankful for is that my life is, although often times erring on the side of boring, but somewhat stable.

My family drives me nuts from time to time, but that’s what family does.  My job might be kind of mundane and boring, but it affords me the ability to pay the bills and sustain my fairly simple life.

The benefit to stability is the fact that when things aren’t going so well for others, I can be at my peak condition of being able to offer help and support, because things aren’t necessarily that complicated in my own life.  And it’s cyclical; it goes without saying that stability isn’t achieved without a decent support system in place for me, if and when I ever need it.

Anyway, enough of the sappy bullshit.  I got a new lens for my camera that I’ve decided to try out, a 50mm “nifty fifty.”  Obviously, I’m somewhere below a beginner when it comes to taking pictures, but so far, I like the potential what this little new lens has to offer.  So prior to the obligatory group pictures I make everyone “suffer” through, I was playing around with it, noting its aperture settings, even on automatic shooting.


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