Maybe I should have just gotten the body

Camera body, that is.  It probably would have been way less work.  No, it definitely would have been.

So, since I embarked on a journey to try and get a new digital camera for the cheapest total cost possible, I went the route of spending a pretty penny for the camera, as well as a whole bunch of shit that I don’t need, because there was a mail-in rebate that basically halved the total price spent.  In addition, there was the gamble of selling all the extraneous goods, to bring the total cost down even further; but that would require work.

Work, I thought that wouldn’t be so bad, because I had my eye glued to the bottom line, that in hindsight, now seems so very far away.

Long story short, I haven’t even listed all the crap I want to sell on eBay yet, because of all the aforementioned work.  I’m researching what my old camera can realistically sell for, as well as all the accessories that I’m trying to flip, and since I’m already going to go on an eBay selling spree, a few other select items that have been sitting around and collecting dust that I think I might  be able to make some quick sales with.

And then there’s research on shipping costs, all while trying not to overly micro-manage weight, box sizes, packing safety, and all this nonsense.

If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll have my auctions up and running at some point this weekend, but then there’s factoring in the optimal time to start a listing, so that people on the west coast can also view and gain interest on the things I’m selling, and preferably while they’re at their boring menial jobs, and more apt to compulsively shop.

Sometimes I think I should have just plunked down the $450 and gotten the camera body.  If that were the case, I’d really only be attempting to unload my old camera, and could feasibly bring my total cost down to something maybe not quite as great as what I think might be my current end result, but with far less tedious work involved.

Perhaps my perspective will change if my auctions go swimmingly, and I make a good bit of money back on my gamble, with the eventual mail-in rebate being like a cherry on top.

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