Are Ravens fans really this dumb?

As we all know by now, the answer to questions like these is always yes, but for the sake of having something to write about…

Long story short: Upon returning to Ravens training camp after being in court for domestic violence charges, Ray Rice was given a hero’s welcome and multiple standing ovations by fans in attendance.

The WSJ link really does sum it up succinctly, but I can recant the story with profanity.  Fans have the right to react in however manner they please, but to give a hero’s welcome a guy who was in court for beating the shit out of his wife?  That’s disgusting.

Ravens fans are dumb.  Cheering for a guy that has pretty much been caught on camera striking is wife, knocking her out cold, and dragging her unconscious out of a casino elevator.

I know it’s not fair to encapsulate all Ravens fans, but… Ravens fans are pretty fucking dumb.  Frankly, I feel that the vast majority of NFL fans are stupid, but lest we step on too many toes in the context of this post, we’ll keep it limited to just the Ravens fans.

Sure, there are a bunch of misogynistic and chauvinistic jokes that could be made about such irony, but in this instance it’s not really the time or place.  When the day is over, I absolutely do not condone violence towards women, and think that those who do, and worse off act on it, are worthless pieces of shit.

The irony is that I’d bet that a bunch of these lowlifes who stood and cheered for Ray Rice had no idea what they were standing for and cheering about.  Not that it makes it any better if that were the case.  Football fans are amongst some of the biggest hive-mind, no-thinking wastes of space there are.  And I actually like the game of football itself, it’s just I think there are too many players who are a little full of themselves, greedy and that the rules of society don’t apply to them.

The fact that Ray Rice is getting a slap on the wrist and not behind bars sickens me, and the fact that the NFL doesn’t have to think it is, because they’re clearly above the law, because this country is brainwashed into thinking the NFL is the greatest product on the planet turns my stomach.  It makes me resent the NFL, everything about it, including its dumb fans who are oblivious to what’s right and wrong as long as “their” players smash into and deliberately try and hurt each other over moving a fucking pigskin ball across lines in the grass.

But that’s another story for another time.

Ray Rice is a piece of shit, and the only time I’d give him a standing ovation is after a judge tells him he’s going to jail.

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