Oh, Georgia #96

Long story short: Woman can’t parallel park near courthouse, asks complete stranger to parallel park for her.  Is surprised when complete stranger drives off in her car.  Woman’s sister was still in car when thief takes off.  Startles thief, who not only walks away scot-free, but also steals both the woman and her sister’s purses.  Bonus: woman’s car gets ticketed after being abandoned by thief.

You know what’s the most ironic thing about this whole thing?  The carjacker is probably the one party in this whole scenario that comes out looking the cleanest.  I mean sure, he’s still criminal scum and shouldn’t be on the streets, but he was pretty much gifted a free car.  Was he supposed to not slam down the alley-oop when lobbed one?

If you leave the door to your house open and tell the guy in a ski mask out front to not rob you, what do you think is going to happen?

I know we’re all supposed to feel bad for the “victim” in this story, but I just can’t.  Everything that happened to her was her own fault, from whatever she did to have to go to the courthouse in the first place, to being too cheap to park in a pay lot, putting her in the situation of where she somehow thought it was okay to hand her keys off to some stranger to “paralyze park” for her.  In front of the courthouse.  Where criminals go every day, because Atlanta has a lot of criminals that have to go to court.

Seriously, there are lots jokes pertaining to women drivers, Asian drivers as well as Asian women drivers that are about as easy to make as it was for someone to steal this woman’s car, but I don’t think they really need to be said.

The woman shouldn’t have tried to parallel park, much less hand her keys off to a complete stranger.

ParkAtlanta probably shouldn’t have ticketed the woman’s car after the whole debacle ended with an almost inadvertent abduction and essentially grand theft auto.

The only who really did what they should have done, was the carjacker.  You invite a carjacker to jack your car, what do you think he’s going to do?

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