D*C 2014: Seems legit not

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A long time ago at a previous employer, I had a co-worker that told me the number one culprit on how to identify a fake Louis Vuitton item.  I’m not entirely sure how or why it stuck with me, but for whatever reason, it did.

Long story short, the apparent rule of the Louis Vuitton brand is that nowhere on any piece of Louis Vuitton merchandise, is the “LV” logo mark is NEVER cut off.  It cannot be cut off by an edge, a seam, or any sort of fold.  The LV logomark is 100% intact on 100% of the entire item, or else it’s probably counterfeit.

For years, I was amazed at how few people knew this, considering how worldly popular Louis Vuitton is, especially amongst the superficial, brand-lusting Asian community.  I guess it’s naive of me to think that Asian folks that love brands that symbolize wealth and status would actually know of the things that separate things from being legit or counterfeit, but I’m apparently wrong.

My mom once bragged about this Louis Vuitton handbag she got at the Salvation Army for $40.  One, it was all sorts of colors of the rainbow on white, and I’m not sure Louis Vuitton does anything that isn’t their trademark gold and brown.  Two, I’m pretty sure a real Louis Vuitton wouldn’t be sold at a Salvation Army consignment store in the first place.  And then three, all over the bag, the LVs were cut off like they were thrown around in Fruit Ninja.

She was pretty surprised that I knew this knowledge so readily.  If she hadn’t already incredulously asked it in the past already, I’m sure she probably thinks I’m gay.

But anyway, I saw this Vuittontrooper at D*C, and I was pretty amazed at the fact that I couldn’t find a single cut off LV mark.  At the time I was examining his armor, I didn’t find a single one, and it’s not until I thoroughly searched the photograph did I actually find one.

So yeah, cut off LV mark = fake Vuittontrooper.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Couldn’t afford the real Louis Vuitton Stormtrooper armor, brah?  Do you even lift?

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