I love Jessica Lange

Quite often, I’ll develop these mock crushes on the most random girls seen in media.  And more often, I’ll ride them ironically, because I know it makes people roll their eyes, or there’s a sense of amusement in it for me.  Like for example Taylor Swift; she’s a beautiful young woman, who’s undoubtedly easy on the eyes, and I like to pretend like I enjoy her poppy music, because it makes every girl I know roll their eyes and chastise me for being such a basic guy.

But I don’t really care about Taylor Swift.  Or the cute brunette on the AT&T commercials that plays “Lily.”  Or Autumn Reeser, Alexandra Breckenridge or Emma Roberts.  Sure, they’re all aesthetically pleasing to me, but when the day is over, I don’t really care about any of them.

Jessica Lange, on the other hand, she is the actress that I love more than anything.  Like seriously, it’s hard to describe the admiration and love for her I have as a performer.  I’m enjoying American Horror Story: Freak Show as much as any other AHS fan should, but there was actually a moment in the earlier episodes where I voiced my displeasure that there frankly wasn’t enough Jessica Lange being shown to that point.

Obviously, the success of the show is heavily carried by Lange’s performances, where she’s almost always, whether aligned good or evil or in-between.  I’ve pretty much solely referred to Jessica Lange as the franchise’s “carry,” based on such an assessment.  Personally, I like her the best when she’s allowed to be sharp tongued, but regardless, whenever she’s on screen, are the best parts of every episode.

Lange’s performance while covering Lana Del Ray’s Gods and Monsters in the third episode of Freak Show was one of those moments where I came to the realization of how much I loved her as a performer.  It was just so hauntingly beautiful, and I loved the fact that she somehow finds this perfect balance of portraying both the character, Elsa Mars, while not allowing Jessica Lange herself be overshadowed.

Seriously, I loved the hell out of this performance.  I ended up purchasing the single off of iTunes not long afterward too, and listened to it on repeat like 25 times while at the gym.  I love the hell out of Jessica Lange now.

It goes without saying she’s my most favorite actress.  It’s like Comic-Con lines are about the worst things on the planet, but I’d suffer through a Comic-Con line if it meant that I would get to meet Jessica Lange.  I’m not entirely sure I could say anything else that matches that degree, but take my word for it, she’s definitely someone I’d really love to meet if the opportunity presented itself.

Needless to say, the first season of American Horror Story that doesn’t have Jessica Lange in it may as well be the franchise’s last.

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