Happiness is ambivalence

I can say pretty comfortably that I’ve been in fairly high spirits lately, in spite of the fact that my brog is still down, and the out-of-sight, out-of-mind game is playing wicked tricks on me and sapping my overall compulsion to write for hobby like I’d been doing fairly consistently for well over a decade.  But really, things are going well, and I’d venture to even say that I’m quite happy with the way things have been overall.

A large part of it has to do with the fact that simply put, ignoring just about everything that’s going on in my small little world that it popularly called our social media circles.  I don’t really know, or care to know about the details of this thing called GamerGate that a lot of people I know, as well as the geeky-techy sites/blogs I read are all up in arms over.  I don’t care about what people think about Renee Zellweger getting a boatload of plastic surgery done.  I don’t care about the massive explosion of comic book movies and the nerd rage they incite by so-called purists and those who love to compare films to printed media.  And I frankly don’t care about anything else that I see people incessantly debate and clearly let themselves get emotionally involved in with other volatile, emotionally involved people.

And it makes me happy that I simply don’t give a shit about any of it.

That’s kind of the ironic thing about it too, it’s like without knowing of the existence of these things would make the world boring and mundane, but the fact that I’m innately aware that there are topics out there that are getting people up in arms, miserable, and curmudgeon, that it makes me happy to know that I’m exercising my right to simply ignore them.  Funny how things work out like that.

On a daily basis, my life has been fairly nondescript.  I go to work, hit the gym, come home, eat something, and play League of Legends, before going to bed too late.  Occasionally I indulge in television shows like the new seasons of The Walking Dead (excellent), American Horror Story: Freak Show (also excellent), wrestling and TLC train wrecks like 90 Day Fiance and Extreme Cheapskates (don’t judge me).  It doesn’t sound like the most exhilarating life on the planet, but doing such things on a regular basis, while acknowledging the existence of drama while deftly maneuvering around it, puts me in a good mood.

Rule #32: Enjoy the little things.

Truer words have never been spoken.

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