Bad brogger

I’ve been a bad brogger since Thanksgiving.

Admittedly, things at work have been somewhat hectic lately, and I really have not had much time to write in my downtime; as I really haven’t had any downtime in recent days, because the holidays are upon us, and before everyone starts vanishing for indeterminate denominations of time, they want to dump as much work on my department as they can, so that they can have hopes and dreams of going into Christmas with a clear conscious.

Needless to say, I’ve actually been working while at work, way more so than usual.  I’ve even had to skip the gym once already due to the fact that the stream of work was that heavy, that I simply couldn’t afford to take my daily gym hiatus.  That, certainly didn’t make me too thrilled.

In fact, the only reason why I actually have time to catch up and write something in my recently neglected brog is simply the fact that I’m not actually at work today.  Apparently, it became news to me more recently that flexible days do not carry over into the next year, and so I’ve made somewhat of a mad dash to use them, or lose them, even if it meant taking the odd mid-week day off, which in this particular case works out swimmingly, as I’m using this day to be productive with catching up with lots of appointments and things that have fallen off to the wayside.

While service people are clanging away and doing things to my house, I have a little bit of time to play catchup with things that are important to me.

Suffice to say, being productive often times puts me in a pleasant mood.

So I’ll end this short post to say that I’m alive and well, slightly busy in preparations for the holidays, and that I will continue to hopefully make efforts to write more often once things settle down at work and/or I find good motivation and impetuses to write about.

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