Priority priorities

A list of things more important than under-inflated footballs:

  1. Everything

What, you were expecting more?  Haha.

It’s bad enough that NFL Ocho AKA ESPN is talking about under-inflated footballs 24/7 when there are other notable things happening from the Australian Open, to even more freefalling of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.  But when you flip the channel and CNN and FOX News are talking about under-inflated footballs instead of the endless strife in the Middle East, hostages and rebellions in Syria, Yemen or whatever wasteland out there, and then you switch to local channels and find out that the local NBC affiliate is talking about under-inflated footballs instead of local affairs, does it really sink in that as far as the news industry is concerned, they’ve got a tragically impaired sense of priorities.

Ironically, I like the sport of football, and I enjoy watching good football games.  I understand the rules and can spot a false start or identify when a safety’s head is watching the ball or just blatantly going for pass interference.  I like it when a shit team upsets a strong team, and I’m actively rooting for the Patriots to beat the Seachickens in the Super Bowl, regardless of the stupidity behind Deflategate or PSIgate, or whatever asinine name the media’s given towards the controversy of under-inflated footballs.

But the fact that the United States is such a helpless slave to the NFL in a general sense is sad, pathetic, and completely detrimental to the integrity of the news.  Slaves feed the NFL, the NFL feeds the puppet masters of the media, and the media feeds the slaves more drivel about the NFL.  It’s an endless cycle of pathetic.

I like the sport, but I think I really hate the fucking organization.

Seriously, four straight days of endless talking about under-inflated footballs?  And likely more to come?

I think I’ll stick to playing nerdy League of Legends, reading Game of Thrones, watching Breaking Bad, and (trying to) drawing video game characters.  Certainly beats the alternative.

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