I can’t unsee it anymore

I was running on the treadmill, and because the television options at the gym’s cardio equipment are pretty much Keeping Up With the KardashiansThe View, The Black View (AKA “The Real”) and ESPN, I admit that I have ESPN tuned in way more than any human being with a brain really should.

That being said, there was once a day in which I saw Chris Broussard flapping his gums about something; close-captioning was off, and thankfully I had my earbuds attached to my phone instead of the TV, but there’s about a 100% chance it was probably something in regards to race, because Chris Broussard serves zero purpose on ESPN other than to stir up shit by repeatedly utilizing the race card.

But anyway, I’m looking at Chris Broussard this time, and I can’t help but feel like he reminded me of someone.  Someone I’d seen before, that wasn’t Chris Broussard, but looked a tremendous amount like him.

And then it hit me – Chris Broussard was a dead ringer for whenever Dave Chappelle put on white face and did his white reporter character.

How ironic is it?  Chris Broussard is a black man notorious for wielding the race card in any and every debate, and Dave Chappelle trying his damndest to look like a stuffy white man, ends up looking exactly like Chris Broussard.

I think I’ve just found out the only way to make seeing Chris Broussard on television remotely tolerable.

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