I hate the world we live in

When we’re kids, we’re often told that it’s best to talk things out, with another person, whenever there’s any sort of grievance.  That violence solves nothing, and that good communication will triumph over any sort of need for fisticuffs.

However, when we become adults, such basic concepts cease to exist, and grownups are more apt to employ every single form of tactic that remove themselves from the visible part of the equation as possible, and to utilize every trick in the book in order to get the job done without making themselves public.

Personally, I’ve always been of the persuasion that it’s still possible to talk things through with other people, and yes although it might be uncomfortable to confront concerns and grievances face-to-face, I still believe that resolution is more easily achieved in such a manner, and at least everything is on the table and out in the open.

Clearly, I am a very naïve person to believe that everyone would be willing to play by the same rules that I like to think I do, especially when there are easier (read: spineless) ones abundant and available.

It sucks that the world we live in is a world where war can be waged against us as individuals without us as individuals even knowing it’s happening.  And this is somehow okay.

The worst part is that even if you knew who was waging war against you, it’s not like anything could be done about it.  We live in a pussified society where confronting someone is automatically interpreted as harassment, and beating the shit out of a person, regardless of the fact that they deserve it, is automatically considered assault, and the victim of a shadow war is the only one not allowed to defend themselves in any way shape or form.

The world we live in absolutely sucks, and I hate it.  There is almost nothing redeeming about it, and it unfortunately doesn’t show any indication that it’s ever going to get any better.

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