How do you spell internet panhandling??

V-I-R . . . G-I-L!! (video clip)

No but really, Virgil has a Gofundme set up, begging the world to actually make him into a literal, Million Dollar Man.  By asking the world to collectively raise together a million dollars, for well, no actual purpose, other than the fact that Virgil wants a million bucks.

It’s kind of amazing, because there’s really no way this can be deliberate, just how Virgil manages to be internet white hot for fifteen minutes, fizzle out, and just before he completely vanishes into complete obscurity, manages to do something like set up a Gofundme page asking for one million free dollars, do get right back into the public eye once again.  No way this is timed so perfectly, it just can’t be.

Anyway, a part of me is tempted to flip him $5 or something, but that would basically be an entire Chic-Fil-A spicy chicken meal I’d be forfeiting, and considering the fact that I gave Virgil $20 back in like 2005 or so for an autographed 8×10 glossy, I think I’ve already done my part in trying to help Virg get to his million dollar aspirations.

I think my favorite part about his spiel is this:

I am verified on twitter now @therealvirgil which means I am the real deal.

Twitter, legitimizes people, according to Virgil.  If you’re not verified on Twitter, you’re simply not really a human being, apparently.

Anyway, I’m not really in the mood to write that much, so I’ll keep this mercifully short.  If you’re about as good of a person as me, and have a soft spot for old nostalgic wrestling memories, feel free to float ol’ Virg a few bucks, and help him become an actual Million Dollar Man.

I wonder if this Gofundme actually succeeds, if he’ll make a YouTube video or something of him coming out to the Million Dollar Man’s music?  That would be pretty neat.

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