Photos: Dragon*Con 2015 – Saturday Friends

It would be criminal for this photo to not get some sort of preferential treatment, so it basically sums up Saturday night’s goofing off, starting with Atlanta’s own King of Pops popsicle cart selling boozy popsicles much to the joy to those of us in the perpetual sauna-like Marriott.

Within, you’ll see a few more pictures from the Georgia Aquarium’s Dragon*Con Night, as well as the Maniac Mansion group that I missed some of, but my friends stuck around for a few extra shots, before the typical all hell broke loose and the parade of goofy pictures and selfies begins.

I can’t really do about it if you choose not to (although I might shop some genitalia on your picture(s) if I ever find out), but I would kindly ask:

  1. no direct linking to my pictures
  2. if you use any of my pictures please don’t crop off my watermark
  3. if you use any of my pictures on Facebook, please tag me, for I like to see when people share my stuff

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