Photos: Dragon*Con 2015 – Sunday Costumes

Finally, we arrive at Sunday’s costume gallery.  This is the last general costuming gallery for me, as I didn’t really stick around on Monday, and was gone fairly early in the afternoon, and had already packed up my camera.

Naturally, it’s packed full of League of Legends costumers, primarily.  If anyone were anything like me by Sunday, it’s like the convention as a royal entity, itself, was tired of all the Max Max and Jurassic Park costumes.

Anyway, there was still plenty left to catch my fancy, for hopefully some deemed acceptable pictures.

Also it’s worth mentioning the epic Definitely Not Udyr group my friends and I did (towards the end of the gallery).

I can’t really do about it if you choose not to (although I might shop some genitalia on your picture(s) if I ever find out), but I would kindly ask:

  1. no direct linking to my pictures
  2. if you use any of my pictures please don’t crop off my watermark
  3. if you use any of my pictures on Facebook, please tag me, for I like to see when people share my stuff

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