If you’re a wrestling fan, I dare you to try and read the rest of this post without having watched that YouTube montage first.

Long story short: former professional wrestler, Terry “Rhyno” Gerin declares that he will be running for state representative of his hometown of Dearborn, Michigan.

All obvious professional wrestlers being meathead idiot jokes aside, I have to objectively say that Rhyno is no layup to be a complete flop in this endeavor.  In fact, I would venture to say that Dearborn, a community just outside of the maligned City of Detroit, probably couldn’t do any worse with anyone else as representative, and that what they might just need is a guy that seems to legitimately care about his hometown.

The thing is, Rhyno, aside from his persona as the “Man Beast,” is actually a pretty articulate and intelligent guy.  I remember the first time I saw him in an interview segment, where he was in street clothes consisting of a fluorescent colored polo shirt tucked into khakis, with his hair slicked back and tied off, with me thinking “who the hell is this Republican-looking guy?”

That Republican-looking guy was actually Rhyno.  And it turns out that Rhyno is actually running for state representative, as a Republican.

But the point was, Rhyno the man, and not the man beast, was a guy that spoke with an intelligence that I’d bet translate well into other endeavors, including politics.  When the day is over, Rhyno is a guy that cares about his hometown, has identified areas that he feels needs to be addressed, and gotten to a point to where if nobody else is going to do fight for it, why shouldn’t he?

I’m not going to likely ever say this again, but for a day, I’d like to be a Michigan resident, so that I could vote for Rhyno.  Not just because of all the obvious jokes about how he’ll storm into office in full wrestling gear, and gore the shit out of everyone who says something he doesn’t agree with, but frankly, I think he might be able to do good job.  It’s not like anyone in Dearborn, Detroit and all surrounding areas have set the bar particularly high for him, but it would be pretty awesome to hear that fucking Rhyno is the one helming the difference making.

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