Put me in the 2%*

*unsubstantiated figure

Impetus: THE Ohio State third-string quarterback, Cardale Jones, decides to take some potshots at the NCAA on his way out, entering the upcoming NFL draft, reinforcing the notion that student athletes deserve to be paid.

I’m having a hard time deciding on what my favorite part of this article is; it’s either the irony of Cardale Jones’ tweet where even after three years of college he still can’t correctly use their/there/they’re:

Why shouldn’t a collegiate athlete be able to use their OWN likeness/brand to benefit themselves but yet the ‪@NCAA can sell there jerseys

Or it’s the fact that HuffPost passive-aggressively refutes the notion that “98%” of people agree with Jones that college athletes should get paid, by providing multiple links to surveys and polls that show that very much less than 98% of people believe that NCAA student athletes should be getting paid.**

**It’s more like 24% according to this

I mean, one of the biggest lessons learned in high school, much less college, is the importance of citing sources and the dangers of pulling fabricated statistics out of your ass.  But then again, Cardale Jones can’t even correctly use “their.”

Well, at least he’s very much admit that his tenure at THE Ohio State wasn’t to learn shit, but to play football, so I guess it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that he blasts off on social media like a retard.

Anyway, this is an old argument that will never die, so there’s not much point to me going off about it again.  Student athletes ARE paid, but not in money, full stop, period.  What is unfortunate though is that every time the horse is dug out of the ground so it can be beaten some more, I get the impression that either more people trickle over to the other side of the fence and agree that student athletes should be paid, or the people smart enough to realize that they shouldn’t, are smart enough to realize the futility of beating a dead horse.

Either way, Cardale Jones, regardless of his transparency and hubris in spite of admitting to being an uneducated hired gun, is still an idiot, and will probably not amount to anything in the NFL.  I’d wager that he’ll end up more like Vince Young than Cam Newton, so when he hits the wall where his career comes to an end, and his signing bonus dries up, he might reconsider the NCAA payment of an education that he so vehemently disregarded, might not have been so worthless as he thought when he was there.

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