So much for my plan to take over Alabama

TL:DR – Lexi’s Law mandates that cursive handwriting will be required to have been taught to students by the end of the third grade

Honestly, I’ve heard the notion that cursive handwriting is a dying thing, and that the future actually stood something of a risk to have gotten to a point where people would simply be incapable of reading cursive writing, rendering centuries and generations of written text indecipherable. 

As someone who respects, words, I could see that it was an actual concern that should probably be addressed. 

However, as someone who enjoys seeing chaos in its many forms, I was amused by the idea that generations later, people would be unable to read cursive writing, leaving those who can like myself, as intellectually superior as a fact, and as people who are better versed in an older tongue, so to speak.

And in a place like Alabama, where the median level of intelligence isn’t really that high to begin with, it would be kind of the perfect place to dominate with superior intelligence.

Unfortunately, thanks to Lexi’s Law, those dreams are now dashed.  Kids will be taught cursive writing, and will (mostly) be capable of reading cursive writing.  Historical documents like the Declaration of Independence will be capable of being read for a few more generations to come, and I’ll have to fall back onto, like Korean, to try and communicate discreetly if I ever wanted to.

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