Okay, now I’m mad at Chick Fil-A

Utter bullshit: Chick Fil-A discontinues the breakfast spicy chicken biscuit; in favor of an egg-white chicken sandwich

I can overlook legacy founder discrimination and I can overlook the mayor of New York jumping on the boycott train two years late.  But getting rid of the spicy chicken biscuit?

Now, I have reason to have issue with Chick Fil-A.

In one fell swoop, CFA has effectively removed my favorite breakfast item, and replaced it with an item, that sounds okay on paper, but will be one that I cannot eat period, because I’m 90% sure that I have an allergy to eggs now.  Regular chicken biscuits are damn good in their own right, but if given options, I’m taking the spicy chicken biscuit four times out of five, nine times out of ten, and probably 90 times out of a hundred.

Seriously, I don’t really understand they’d 86 something that has been clearly a consistent strong performer on the menu, just because they want to introduce something else to the breakfast lineup.  It’s basically the equivalent of the Indiana Pacers trading Detlef Schrempf away because they wanted to use Rik Smits.

It begs the same question that everyone else is asking: why can’t CFA have both items?  The answer is actually kind of obvious when I think about it; if the spicy chicken biscuit were to remain on the breakfast menu, then nobody in their fucking right mind would order an egg white sandwich!

What I find interesting is that among the test markets, Manhattan, New Fucking York was one of them.  The last one to the party got to make key decisions on the future of what (will probably be “formerly” because of this (and the resurrection of Arby’s)) is the nation’s leading fast food organization.  But New Yorkers, really?  New Yorkers would vote yes for shit like kale-replacing-chicken if it were presented to them.

I guarantee that if the fate of the spicy chicken were left in the hands of people who care and love the brand, like rednecks, blue collar folks and the salt of the earth, then there’s no way that fucking egg whites, grilled chicken and English muffins would trump the spicy chicken biscuit.  The fact that New York got a vote at all is an insult to those who actually have culinary taste.

The bottom line is that this isn’t really going to do much to curb my tendency to hit up CFAs in the future, but I’m definitely soured by this poor decision.  Not to mention, it makes me fear for the future of the spicy chicken sandwich, because based on the last time I went to a CFA, it’s not visually represented on the menu any further, and needs to be asked for, at an additional cost.

If CFA keeps taking away beloved items, it’ll be true irony to see the pitchforks and the hate groups come after them for a change. 

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