Another Wolverine movie and the sky is also blue

Man, FOX is really milking their Wolverine hard-on all the way to the end, huh?  I think I’m more surprised that Hugh Jackman is completely okay reprising Wolverine for the ninth time with Logan, but I guess he really likes money and is completely okay with being typecast as Wolverine for the rest of eternity, no matter what else he does with his career.

Seriously though, Jackman has shown up in literally every single The Wolverine Show Movie Occasionally co-starring the X-Men, and just about every single one of them revolves around him.  Aren’t the fans tired of the character being ret-conned over and over again?

Wolverine hijacks all three of the original X-Men films, gets his own origin film, then his own stand-alone film.  He makes a cameo in First Class, before being thrust back into the spotlight in Days of Future Past, which I’m convinced existed solely to reset the Wolverine timeline so more Wolverine and Wolverine-centric films can be produced.  This is confirmed with his cameo in Apocalypse that takes him straight back to Weapon X.  And now Logan will be Wolverine in the far future.

What’s next?  They’ll drop the “The” and simply release Wolverine in  2019, and then in 2020 they’ll release James Howlett which will be an origin to his origin, or maybe just the story about teenage Wolverine.  In between these films will be another X-Men film where Wolverine will make another convenient cameo, regardless of how gross it would be to see a 48-year old Hugh Jackman getting horny for 20-year old Sophie Turner.

I also just found out that the upcoming Legion television series on FX is within the same universe as the FOX X-Men franchise, so there is no doubt that Wolverine will show up to hijack a storyline there too.

I’m not the least bit surprised that there’s a ninth Wolverine movie coming out, but it’s more surprising that people just keeps coming back for more.  At this point, the criticism isn’t necessarily for FOX for overproducing so many Wolverine  flicks, but it’s the gullible and silly people who keep going back to watch them.

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